A. Services rendered by COT OIL TOOLS, INC. in connection with the rental or sale of tools and/or equipment consist only of technical advice as to making up and inspecting equipment and explaining its operation.  When services are rendered, a representative of the Customer shall be present with authority from the Customer to approve the activities of COT OIL TOOLS, INC. and particularly all depths and measurements involved.  The customer will retain full custody, control, and supervision of the well and operations thereof.
B. Customer has expertise and superior knowledge of the well and conditions surrounding it.  COT OIL TOOLS, INC. shall not be liable or responsible for loss, damage or injury to the well for which services are supplied; nor shall COT OIL TOOLS, INC. be responsible for use of tools supplied or for acts of any person engaged in performing services to the well.  Customer assumes all responsibility of Tools or supervisor, or employee furnished for services, and agrees to hold COT OIL TOOLS, INC. harmless for injuries to persons or properties resulting from said tools and services.
C. COT OIL TOOLS, INC. does not guarantee results.
D. All tools, including those of third-party suppliers, and services are furnished subject to these terms and conditions, the memorandum of goods delivered therefore, and supervisor's service report.  A memorandum of goods delivered, showing all tools delivered, and the days used shall become part of our invoice.  All memoranda of goods delivered and invoices are priced by our central invoicing office in Giddings, Texas, and COT OIL TOOLS, INC. shall not be bound by price estimates noted on copies of memoranda of goods delivered.  A supervisor's service report also becomes part of our invoice.
E. Well conditions which prevent satisfactory operation of tools shall not relieve Customer of responsibility to pay applicable charges.
F. Any tax assessed on or using as a base or calculation the charges made for or amounts received with respect to services or tools shall be in addition to the prices and charges shown in our price list, and if paid or required to be paid by COT OIL TOOLS, INC., the amount thereof shall be added to and become a part of the amounts invoiced to Customer.
G. Unless otherwise specified, terms of payment of invoices are Net Cash at par in U.S. Dollars within thirty (30) days of date of issuance.  Any unpaid amounts at the end of thirty (30) days are subject to interest at the rate of eighteen (18%) percent per annum.  All invoices are payable in Giddings, Lee County, Texas.

H. No agent, employee or representative of COT OIL TOOLS, INC. is authorized to alter any of these terms and conditions. 




     It is this company’s policy to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, and to abide by the accident prevention regulations set forth by Federal, State and Local Governments.  We are sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of our employees. Accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient operation. In support of these values, we have developed this Safety and Health Handbook in order to establish minimum safe work practices and procedures. It is designed to be used as a tool to assist each of us in incorporating safety into our daily operations.



Our safety philosophy is “Safety is No Accident” and is built on trust and accountability. Each employee from the newest to the President must take an active role in safety improvements and practices to end each day accident free. Each day we must learn and follow safe practices to protect our fellow employees and ourselves.


Ervin N. Cockrell

COT Oil Tools, Inc.

CEO and President